Run! Zombies! Racing!

no-running-zombies“Hey guys,

I just got back from Las Vegas and made a TON of money betting on racing zombies. Is there any legal zombie racing here in the State of Florida? Is it illegal to bet on zombie races on the internet?”

- Mad Money in Malabar

Glad you had a nice trip, Mad.

I’m sorry to say that most forms of internet gambling are illegal in Florida and at the Federal level. However, it’s not illegal to go to one of the various Seminole Casinos, or to a “racino” (i.e., a dog race track that has various forms of televised betting events).

I think I see where you might be going with this, though, and let me make this very clear: DO NOT start any sort of “independent” zombie racing circle. That is most definitely illegal, in all sorts of ways; you’ll not only be potentially guilty of reckless endangerment if the zo’s get out of the racetrack, but also all the lesser associated crimes like transporting zombies without a license, operating a business without a license, zoning violations, etc.

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  1. Hey, Mad Money! I sure hope your accountant had you file the correct tax forms. You do not want the IRS to send out their zombies to collect.

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